Why Many Facilities Choose Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Systems Over Portable Ones

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 17, 2015 10:24:00 AM


    Whether renovating an existing gymnasium or designing and building a brand new one, selecting the right basketball backstops for your facility can be a complicated undertaking. While ceiling-suspended and portable systems both have their pros and cons, for most situations, not much can beat the versatility and strength that a solid ceiling-suspended basketball system can provide for your gym.

    In addition to their ability to easily fold up or down and out of the way, ceiling-suspended basketball systems come equipped with a number of safety accessories such as safety straps, winches and solid braces.

    Below we have compiled a few of the most common factors facility owners and operators take into consideration before ultimately selecting new basketball equipment for their gymnasium.


    This is a big one for operators. Time really is money and operators today are concerned about the efficiency of their facilities. When considering the addition of portable basketball backstops, consider the time it takes to roll these structures into their proper placements on the court. Each time these portable systems are used, they must be properly anchored and set to the proper height.

    Larger portable systems can take as many as 6 people to get these systems ready for either a game or practice.

    Ceiling-suspended units on the other hand require only the fast and easy operation of either a manual or electric winch to efficiently raise or lower these basketball systems for use.


    While many portable basketball units on the market today are built with plenty of strength and durability, don’t forget that these units are usually cantilevered by at least 8’ in front of the support structure. This can result in the unwanted movement of the goal and backboard, while the strong support structure surrounding ceiling-suspended units provides ample stability in any level of competition.

    Storage & Space

    If you have ever witnessed a large portable basketball unit in use, you would have also noticed how much valuable floor or seating space these units occupy. Many of the bases of portable basketball systems measure 7’ deep by 4’ wide and the base will occupy about 6’ of floor space beyond the court end line.


    With this in mind, when it comes to storing these massive units, many facilities find they simply do not have the space needed to store these units out of the way, leading to a permanent loss in usable space, even when basketball activities are not taking place.

    When storage is a concern, ceiling-suspended units are the primary choice for most facilities as they are raised up and out of the way when other sports such as volleyball are taking place in the gymnasium.



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