You Get What You Give: St. Mark High School Invests in Wall Padding for Weight Room

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 3, 2022 11:28:46 AM

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    To be successful in any of life’s endeavors, a certain amount of discipline is required. The idea of
    behind-the-scene investment is simply put with the phrase, “you get what you give.” For example, a musician is expected to frequently rehearse leading up to a performance, and a student is expected to study before a test. When it comes to athletics, the amount of time spent training off the field or the court informs an athlete’s performance during each game. Recognizing the important role that training plays in the success of their athletes, St. Mark High School has invested in providing their students with the facilities needed to perfect their craft.

    Located in Manotick, Ontario, St. Mark High School is one of 89 schools belonging to the Ottawa Catholic School Board (“Our Board”). Distinguishing themselves from the others, St. Mark High School has produced incredible athletes who have competed on national and international levels. Take, for example, Evan MacDonald who participated on Canada’s wrestling team during the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics (“St. Mark High School”). A continued sense of discipline and love for healthy competition was encouraged during MacDonald’s time at St. Mark, and the success of this alumnus has encouraged the school to continue supporting their various athletic programs.

    While Evan MacDonald was never able to experience it during his time as a student, St. Mark made their first serious investment in a weight room in 2006 (“St. Mark High School”). This year, however, the school reached out to Sport Systems to further enhance their facilities. Having provided the school with custom bleacher graphics in 2020, we were excited to work with them again. This time, the request for customized wall padding was received, and our team happily accepted the project.

    Following Sport Systems' normal protocol, our team first noted the school’s requirements and wishes and then gathered the measurements of the weight room. From there, our team obtained high-resolution images of the school’s logo and went to work on manufacturing the wall padding. Finally, our team made a trip over to the school and installed the custom wall padding, meeting with the school’s project manager to ensure the results were satisfactory. As with the customized bleacher graphics, the customized wall padding was a hit and we were able to formally bring the project to a close.

    Since having the padding installed in their weight room, our client has experienced reduced noise levels coming from the space. Additionally, the enhanced aesthetics of the room continues to create a motivating environment for athletes and school staff alike. Similar to the philosophy taught to its students, the benefits experienced at St. Mark High School are a result of the investment that they have made in the space; the school really is getting what they gave!


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