Custom Bleacher Graphics for Three Ottawa Schools

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 15, 2020 4:58:23 AM


    When it comes to school spirit, nothing shouts it louder than brightly displayed school colours and logos. With this in mind, we have spent the past few years developing a way to bring these colours and images to life with our superior line of athletic equipment and infrastructure.

    Our retractable bleachers are one of our most popular product lines. These innovative seating structures are designed specifically for indoor use in gymnasiums and auditoriums and also in other spaces such as pools and arenas. These versatile bleachers provide seating when the need arises and are easily stored in place when not in use.

    Often located on the edge of volleyball and basketball courts, these systems become a centerpiece of gymnasiums - despite being on the sidelines.


    When in use, they are boisterous and noisy, holding fans and spectators watching the big game or event. When not in use, they are often in sight and with the right branding, provide an ideal opportunity to bolster and promote your school or community’s logo and colours.

    While there have been a few other products on the market that had the ability to print logos on bleacher seats, many of them were unable to withstand the test of time, often resulting in fading or being scraped off.  

    Taking note, we set out to perfect the process and in late 2019, came out with a highly customized solution all our own. With thorough research, development, and testing, we have perfected a specialized process that successfully applies graphics to HDPE seats, allowing us to offer stunningly beautiful and durable graphics to our growing clientele.


    As an industry leader, there is not another company or organization that is printing graphics in this fashion onto HDPE seating for use on retractable bleacher structures.

    While we already have a number of these orders currently in production, we were fortunate to have finished a few of these beautiful bleachers earlier this year. Travelling to three high schools in the Ottawa area, our team successfully replaced the seating on a number of retractable bleacher systems with highly detailed logos.


    The results are breathtaking and a true testament to the rigorous testing and development our team undertook to develop this unique process. We are currently working on a number of other installations across Canada and the United States and look forward to sharing them as they are released!



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