Custom Column Padding for the Tunnel Mountain Resort in Banff

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 3, 2015 5:00:00 AM

    Located in beautiful Banff, Alberta, the Tunnel Mountain Resort is situated in the picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountains. The 96 unit resort offers guests a selection of award-winning condos, chalets, cabins and suites for their Rocky Mountain getaway.

    We were recently approached by the resort to design a custom padding solution for one of their suites that featured a unique loft design. Our team quickly got to work gathering the necessary measurements needed to design the padding to cover a few exposed beams in the loft area of the suite.

    Once the initial measurements were secured, our design team worked closely with stakeholders from the resort to ensure the solution met their needs accordingly. A primary concern regarding both the design and installation of the beam padding was going to be aesthetics. Resort management wanted a safety-conscious, clean look and an easy installation process for their maintenance staff.

    The resulting design was composed of a permanent attachment using a grommet flap. From a design perspective, we knew these exposed grommets had to be hidden in some way to give the padding a clean and fluid look inside the suite.

       custom-padding-banff   custom-padding-banff2

    The solution ended up being a number of sewed-on Velcro® flaps that would be used to cover the grommets after the installation of the padding was complete.

    The job was promptly completed and installed and is now a permanent safety fixture in this beautiful suite, located in one of Banff’s most prestigious resorts.

    For more information about custom padding projects, please contact our award-winning sales department where someone is bound to make your vision a reality.


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