Custom Windscreen to Complete the Country Day School Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 10, 2018 5:04:46 AM


    Back at one of Canada’s top-ranked independent schools, we once again found ourselves on the beautiful campus of the Country Day School just outside of Toronto. Included on the 100-acre campus is a completely customized grandstand bleacher our team had the pleasure of designing and installing with help from our partners at Ash Stevenson over the early summer months.

    Upon completion of the bleacher seating structure, talks immediately ensued that had our team deeply rooted into the finishing touches that would be added to this brand-new structure. Heading back to the prestigious school, stakeholders within the organization were interested in finishing the bleacher with a customized windscreen that would cement the grandstand as the focal point of Country Day School athletics.

    Covering the rear of the bleacher, the windscreen was designed completely in-house, based on the vision of the school’s board and management.


    The screen runs the entire length of the bleacher and includes both the school’s name and logo for additional recognition of this already strong brand in the private education field.

    Our partners at Ash Stevenson were once again on-site to complete the final installation to rave reviews of stakeholders within the school and everyone else who was fortunate enough to partake in this truly special project.



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