How We Hang Our Wall Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 4, 2016 8:27:25 AM


    Most gymnasiums across Canada and the United States are equipped with some form of wall padding in an effort to keep students and athletic participants safe during physical activity and play.  While there are a few different varieties of padding available for use in a number of different situations, how this padding is installed is quite uniform in nature, for the most part.

    Types of Wall Padding

    There are two main categories of wall padding when it comes to most athletic applications such as in gymnasiums and other athletic facilities.  Our wall padding solutions are available in either a permanent or a removable configuration.  For the most part, the choice is a matter of preference and one that is made depending on the proposed use of the facility. 

    School gymnasiums, for example, will often opt for removable padding because of its versatility.  This padding can easily be taken down from the wall and used for gymnastics and other tumbling exercises.  The permanent alternative is unfortunately not as versatile, but is meant to provide round-the-clock coverage in high-traffic areas such as basketball courts, padded rooms and stages.

    Mounting Procedures

    Just as the two configurations differ, so do the way in which each is mounted to a wall.  Generally speaking, all of our permanent wall padding is installed directly into the wall using the durable, oriented, strand board backing on the rear side of the pad.  This allows installers to utilize either wood screws for wood-based walls or TAPCON screws for concrete, brick or cement walls securing the wall mats vertically in place.


    When it comes to removable padding, the installation is slightly different, as not only are these mats designed to be taken down, they are also typically a different product.  The removable wall pads used are our foldable gym mat products, secured to the wall using the top and bottom strip of Velcro®.  To accommodate the design of these mats, two panels are affixed to the wall that allow the Velcro® portion of the mat to secure to the frame and safely hold the mats on the wall when hung in a protective fashion.



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