Make Your Bleachers Mobile with our Fork Lift Pocket Kits

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 30, 2016 5:02:00 AM


    When it comes to versatility, our design and manufacturing team strives to innovate and create usable solutions for our customers on a daily basis.  With a growing need for a one-size-fits-all solution, many organizations and facilities are looking for new ways to utilize their current equipment or customize new purchases.

    While our line of highway towable grandstand bleachers or transportable bleacher kits serve the purposes of a variety of facilities, we still felt there was a gap in the mobile bleacher space.  In evaluating our past and current customer’s orders, feedback and expressed needs, our team set out to revolutionize the industry once again.

    Tractors and trucks are typically readily available to many of our customers and with a tow kit, they can easily move their bleachers when needed.  That being said, those operating with the use of forklifts were without a truly unique solution that could adequately suit the design and function of this machine.  

    Both indoor and outdoor facilities utilize forklifts for many uses around their facility and grounds, easily moving larger items such as pallets, large equipment and materials.  They also use forklifts to move bleacherswhen the need arises, but operating at the risk of irreversible damage if not done properly.  While there are many beams for use in the structure of the bleacher, oftentimes these beams are not designed to handle a load from underneath, which in turn, permanently damages the seating structures.


    Organizations such as agricultural societies, athletic institutions and community sports fields and complexes often have to move their seating structures into different locations to suit the needs of many different events.

    For this reason we designed an industry-leading solution for those in need of quickly relocating outdoor bleachers using a forklift or similar machinery, such as a telehandler or a tractor equipped with fork attachments.

    In addition to being designed with standard-sized fork pockets, they are also complete with rigid bracing, ensuring safe handling during relocation or transport. 


    These kits are currently available on 5-tier x 12’ long bleachers (Model BL-5TB-12DR).  A minimum order of 5 kits is required for standard pricing.  Additional pricing will apply to orders of less than 5 kits.  Please call for information. 



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