Make Your Bleachers Mobile with a Versatile Tow Kit

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 19, 2015 4:00:00 AM



    The larger the property and the greater number of venues on it, facility operators are presented with the challenge of providing spectator seating where and when required. While it is possible to install bleachers at each and every venue, for many budgets, it just simply is not a feasible option.

    Transportable bleachers provide a solution to this problem, as they can be easily hitched to a maintenance vehicle and towed to the selected location. These mobile bleachers are available in 5 and 10 row heights and are safely equipped with chain link guardrail systems when configurations exceed 5 rows in height.

    In the event, however, your facility did not initially purchase a mobile bleacher system, we do have a unique solution to quickly retrofit your existing bleachers into a safe and easy-to-move transportable seating system.

    Effectively converting your existing bleacher seating into a mobile seating solution involves two bleacher tow kits; a bracing kit and a wheel and tongue kit. Here’s how they work:

    Bracing Towing Kit

    This is the initial kit needed to successfully transform your bleachers into an easily moveable structure. This kit consists of front and rear bracing and an axle receiver which once installed, will be located at the centre of the bleacher.

    This kit provides the structure needed to form a strong and safe framework for towing your bleachers.

    Wheel & Tongue Kit

    This kit is used to effectively tow the bleacher system once the original tow kit has been installed on your bleacher system. This kit consists of a jack, a removable tongue and couple, rims, tires and an axle stub. Once installed, it is joined with the bracing towing kit and easily hitched to a maintenance vehicle for movement.

    This kit is interchangeable and can be shared among any number of bleachers with a properly installed towing kit.  

    To recap the above, you will need one bracing towing kit for every set of bleachers you would like to convert. Only one wheel and tongue kit is needed for any number of bleachers, as they are designed to be easily shared among multiple bleachers.

    Saving your facility the expense of an entirely new bleacher system, our bleacher tow kits add another level of versatility to your existing seating and are custom designed to fit most bleacher sizes.

    To learn more about pricing and functionality, contact a member of our sales team today.

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