A Quick Guide to Buying Portable Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 14, 2014 5:00:00 AM


    Portable bleachers can be a great addition to any sports facility, giving your added versatility and the ability for your fans to watch your event in multiple locations. There are a couple of factors to consider when thinking about purchasing transportable bleachers, firstly whether they will be used primarily indoors or outdoors and then you must determine what size of bleachers your facility will need.

    For indoor applications our Tip & Roll Portable Bleachers are tough to beat. Just as the name suggests, these bleachers can easily be tipped up and rolled to any suitable location inside your facility and can typically be moved by just one person. These units have the ability to seat anywhere from 16-42 people depending on the size chosen, and allow for easy movement for using multiple units to increase crowd size.


    For outdoor use, our selection of mobile portable bleacher systems may be the right fit for your facility. These units are slightly larger in size, and you are able to choose between 5 and 10 row heights for your spectator seating arrangements. When safety is a concern, a chainlink guardrail system is standard equipment on moveable bleachers exceeding 5 rows in height, and are equipped with additional bracing in their under structure. To withstand the elements, these bleachers are constructed of galvanized steel and are equipped with aluminum footboards and seat planks for a low maintenance option, much the same as our extending bleacher seating options.


    Whether you are looking for a versatile and easy to use indoor solution like our tip and roll bleacher, or something a little larger scale that can be hitched to a truck or other maintenance vehicle, we have the portable bleacher solution to fit your needs.

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