How To Determine What Size Of Bleachers Your Facility Needs

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 19, 2023 4:30:00 AM


    A common question we field from customers is determining first, the number of seats needed, and then pairing that number with the proper sized bleacher system.

    As a general rule of thumb, we recommend about 18” of space for an individual seat. Meaning for every 18” of space per seating platform, you should attribute one seat. For illustration purposes we will use our 4-Tier Aluminum Bleachers (model: BL-4TB-12DR ), measuring at 144" x 82" x 38" for a total of 576” of total seating space. Divide that number by our standard 18” per person measurement and you are looking at seating for about 32 people. This is an easy calculation to help you assess your seating needs.

    Bleacher Sizes            

    Here is a quick breakdown of our standard bleachers and sizes (contact us for custom sizes), and please note that all of our bleacher systems feature welded steel frame work for ultimate durability and a virtually maintenance free seating solution:

    3-Tier Aluminum Bleachers

    Our standard  three-row aluminum bleacher sizes can accommodate anywhere from 24 – 54 spectators depending on size




    4-Tier Aluminum Bleachers

    Our standard four-row aluminum bleacher sizes can accommodate anywhere from 32 - 72 spectators depending on size




    5-Tier Aluminum Bleachers

    Our standard  five-row aluminum bleacher sizes can accommodate anywhere from 40 - 90 spectators depending on size



    Multi-Tier Elevated Bleachers and Grandstand Seating

    Typically suited for larger facilities and accompanying spectator sports like football, our multi-tiered bleachers and grandstands are completely scalable in terms of length and number of rows. On the larger scale, these seating solutions can get up to as big as 15 rows in size.



    Tip and Roll Bleachers

    PORTABLE TIP N' ROLL BLEACHERS are perfect for indoor auxiliary seating requirements. These mobile bleachers rest on non-marring rubber foot pads, which protect your hardwood gymnasium floor and keep the unit in place. These lightweight aluminum bleachers are tipped easily on their swivel casters for movement, while caster brakes prevent the unit from moving when in storage. Seating for tip and roll bleachers varies from 12 – 56 people.








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