The Unbeatable Versatility of Transportable Grandstands

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 21, 2016 4:00:00 AM


    While transportable or mobile bleachers are nothing new, the technology and development of these products have come a long way since their inception. We have been manufacturing mobile bleacher systems for a number of years and continue to manufacture towing kits that can easily be installed to existing bleachers, making them completely transportable as well.

    Most of these systems, however, are typically smaller in size and are unable to seat large amounts of people without having multiple bleacher structures. The bulk of our portable bleacher systems range anywhere from 5-10 rows in height, which are a perfect fit for many applications, municipalities and other organizations.

    However, when we begin to get into larger seating structures, there is a fair bit more ingenuity and technology involved, as illustrated in our newest line of highway transportable grandstand bleacher systems.

    These mobile systems differ in that they are built using fully retractable hydraulic cylinders that allow these large structures to be folded up for easy and safe transport. Our traditional transportable bleachers do not necessarily come equipped with this ability and are simply towed as an entire structure and are not necessarily safe for use on major roadways.

    In addition to the convenience of moving these seating structures easily, they also offer many owners a new income opportunity. Many organizations and municipalities will often rent these structures out when they are not in use to neighbouring communities or use them as sponsorship opportunities for local events.

    These bleachers can also be paired with a number of accessories, ensuring your towable bleacher structure is everything you need, including:

    Step & Handrail Markers

    These glowing step tread edges and handrail markers are perfect for low-light or night time events. By absorbing sunlight during the day, they are able to emit a glowing light at night, guiding spectators safely to their seats.


    These structures can be designed and constructed featuring modified first row seating which allows for wheelchair access, providing integrated seating that enhances accessibility as prescribed by the ADA, OADA and other governing bodies on accessibility.

    Wireless Remote

    While most units are controlled with a wired remote for easy opening and closing of the structures, a wireless option is available. Much like how the locks on a vehicle are controlled by a wireless handset, these remotes eliminate the control pendant and cable and allow the operator to stand at a comfortable distance with the perfect view of the bleacher set up.

    Sun & Rain Canopies

    Easy attach points and structure modifications allow for easy installation of a canopy to protect spectators from the elements.

    Hydraulically Powered Leveling Jack

    Allowing for push button leveling, these powered jacks replace the standard crank-operated jacks.

    Goose-Neck 5th Wheel Hitch

    Frequent towing of these large structures can oftentimes call for a heavy-duty truck and hitching option. This 5th wheel hitch offers towing vehicles additional stability and a more reliable towing mechanism for heavy highway use.



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