Upgrading Basketball Backstops for Woodstock Collegiate Institute

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 26, 2015 6:07:58 AM


    The Woodstock Collegiate Institute (WCI) was erected in 1881 before moving to its present location in 1939, where it resides today in Woodstock, Ontario. Home of the Red Devils, WCI prides itself on developing contributing members of society upon graduating from their school and proudly supports numerous community initiatives such as the United Way, Oxford CAS and many others.

    WCI approached us with the idea of upgrading their wall-mounted basketball backstops. The existing backstops had been serving their students well for a number of years, but it was time to explore the possibility of enhancing their existing wooden backboards with professionally-sized glass backboards for their basketball program.

    Most installations are either ceiling-suspended or directly mounted to the walls in a variety of available configurations, depending on the architectural layout and specific needs of each facility. After assessing the existing installation however, our team discovered that these basketball backboards were not traditionally mounted.

    The gymnasium in WCI had an interesting design, which would be in need of some customization and design work from our experienced team. The basketball backstops were permanently mounted to an existing mezzanine railing, spanning the entire gym. After going to the drawing board, our team was able to design and manufacture a custom bracket that could handle the imposed loading that was going to be placed on the mezzanine railing, once the glass backboards were installed.

    Today, these custom brackets proudly hold WCI’s officiallysized glass backboards that measure 42” x 72” in size and are currently developing the future of Red Devils basketball in Woodstock.

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