Selecting a Single-Post Basketball Backstop

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 22, 2015 9:43:00 AM


    The role of facility managers and operators has become increasingly complex over the years. With advancements in both the design and technology of many athletic centres and multi-use facilities, new options and accommodation for obstacles are increasingly common considerations.

    Selecting a basketball system for your indoor gymnasium or basketball court was once a simpler task; select the backboard, rim and mounting hardware, find a flat wall and mount it. As aforementioned, today’s facilities are being upgraded, redesigned, retrofitted, or are moving to serve a wide array of sports, rather than simply functioning as a basketball court.

    Given these unique circumstances and to aid both our installation team and our customers, we carry a variety of single-post ceiling-suspended basketball systems to address most needs on the market today. In addition, we receive many other complex requests for unique basketball mounting positions, for which, we can design customized solutions.

    Below is a breakdown of our most-used configurations for indoor basketball  applications paired with specification drawings:

    Forward Folding & Rear Braced


    This model is used where there is ample area behind the backboard for the rear brace and enough free space ahead of it to allow the system to fold up out of the way.

    Forward Folding & Front Braced


    The opposite of the above, this system is ideal for situations in which there is not ample room behind the backstop, but can still fold forward for storage.

    Rear Folding & Rear Braced


    This system is designed to fold in behind the backboard for storage and is braced from the rear as well.

    Side Folding & Side Braced


    This system is ideal for multi-sport facilities. The side-folding motion works perfectly when the area in front of the backstop does not allow for a front-folding mechanism.

    Stationary, Ceiling Braced

    A permanent hanging fixture, this basketball system does not fold into the ceiling area for storage purposes and is used when wall-mounting is not an option.

    Stationary, Wall Braced

    Much the same as above, but rather than being fully suspended, this system is permanently mounted to a wall and does not allow for folding or swinging.


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