A Completely Enclosed Drone Testing Area for École de Technologie Supérieure

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 28, 2017 6:17:00 AM


    When it comes to developing the next generation of technical engineers in Canada, Montreal’s École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) is a market leader. Ranked as the number one engineering school in the province of Quebec and fourth across Canada for the total number of engineering diplomas awarded on an annual basis ÉTS is a leader in developing engineering talent.

    Tracing its roots back into the mid-1970s, ÉTS is a practical institution accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and is located in Montreal’s Griffintown neighbourhood.

    Residing on the forefront of technology and innovation, the school reached out to our team in Montreal to discuss some unique needs for a program that involved rigorous testing of drones. With technology continuing to change the landscape and industry of these small, piloted aircraft, students at ÉTS were in need of an area indoors in which they could perform test flights and operations.

    In addition to protecting the aircraft, the design process of such a space needed to also take into account the factor of student safety. Having built a metal frame, administrators at ÉTS were looking for the right solution to complete the testing area which is where our team got involved.


    Initially meeting with an engineer at the school to understand the specific needs, a second meeting was scheduled with additional engineers along with the professor of the course where a customized netting and padding solution was proposed and eventually accepted.

    While the pre-determined area was an acceptable size, at times, only half of the space was deemed to be needed. As such, our team designed the netting in such a way that a netting divider could be removed to give access to the entire encasement.

    In addition to the inclusive netting, we also designed and supplied custom column padding to be affixed to each of the metal frames to protect the drone from potential crashes and collisions.

    The space is currently in use by ÉTS and the school could not be happier with the solution, process and installation of such a highly-nuanced system.



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