New Retractable Bleachers for Jeanne Sauvé Public School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 16, 2023 4:30:00 AM


    Operating 79 elementary schools and 20 secondary schools, the District School Board of Niagara reached out to our team to explore options for upgrading the gymnasium at one of their schools. With a focus on student success, the board takes both academics and athletics very seriously and as such, is frequently looking for new and innovative ways to improve their school’s offerings.

    Jean Sauvé French Immersion Public School was in the process of upgrading some components of their gymnasium and was in the market for a new seating option. Looking for a retractable bleacher system that could easily be rolled out for sporting events or retracted when not in use was the most logical option.

    One caveat to the proposal was that the new bleacher system would be located directly underneath the cross-court basketball systems. Given the fact that when not in use, these bleacher structures would be installed in a high-traffic area, the school was in search of a solution that would also protect participants from collisions during play.

    Looking for a completely customized solution, our engineering team collaborated with our custom padding department to design the perfect system for this unique situation. The product chosen for the bleacher seating was our 2400 telescopic bleacher that would be designed to accommodate our removable wall padding when the bleacher was in a closed position.

    This configuration would allow the school to safely hang wall mats on the face of the bleachers when not in use to provide a safe area for participants to land while rushing the basketball goal during play.


    This package was exactly what the school was looking for and upon approval, our team got to work manufacturing the bleachers and padding.

    In addition to the customized nature of the padding and bleacher combination, the school also took advantage of our offer to match the seating with the school’s colours. Offering this as a free upgrade to the school was welcomed with open arms and gives the seating a look all its own while promoting school spirit.

    Following the manufacturing process, a fall installation took place and the school and board officials are very pleased with the final product.


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