Some of Our More Uncommon Custom Padding Applications

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 9, 2017 6:48:56 AM


    Safety is paramount in athletic and educational facilities, as more and more products on the market today are built to keep participants and spectators safe.  Traditionally speaking, most would pigeonhole our organization as one that can often be found designing and hanging both permanent and removable wall padding in gymnasiums across Canada, the United States and the rest of the world.

    While we certainly do take on many wall padding jobs fit for schools, colleges, and athletic facilities, we are home to a massive custom padding department that has expanded exponentially over the past number of years, serving more and more niche markets.

    Trampoline Parks

    Growing in popularity in recent years, trampoline parks seem to be popping up everywhere and are no longer reserved strictly for children.  Many of today’s trampoline parks, while certainly accommodating children, are also designed for adults.  Catering to the kid within all of us, these large-scale indoor facilities provide a fun atmosphere and a fierce workout for those so inclined.


    Naturally, with so many obstacles and bodies traversing through these facilities, collisions are of utmost concern for facility operators.  Many operators turn to our padding department looking for completely customized padding for the trampolines themselves, as well as proper coverage for any beams, poles and exposed walls that could cause problems for participants.  In addition to collision safety, we also design custom padded balls, shapes, and other items that trampoline parks will often include in ball pits located within their parks.

    Parkour & Ninja Gyms

    With the explosive popularity of shows such as American Ninja Warrior, these specialized training facilities are also beginning to fill out local maps.  As participants fling themselves over obstacles and test their strength and endurance to their limits, these gyms are also reaching out to us to properly pad their facilities.


    Much the same as trampoline parks, we are often asked to provide wall, column and beam padding, but we also create and supply an ample amount of crash pads to these types of facilities as well.

    Archery & Paintball Tag Locations

    High speed is the name of the game with these types of activities as participants are often on the move in a big way dodging projectiles and looking for that perfect shot on their opponents.  With this in mind, we have done our fair share of padding design and installation at both of these types of facilities across North America.


    Commonly speaking, wall, column and beam padding is on the agenda for most operators.




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