5 Products That Maximize Gym Space

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 10, 2016 5:22:10 AM


    With the growing number of multi-use facilities in schools, community centres, colleges and other organizations, owners and operators are always looking for ways to maximize their available space.

    Many gymnasiums today are used for a variety of athletic activities such as volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and badmintonas well as other activities such as assemblies, pep rallies and theatrical performances. In light of the growing need to do more with an allotted space, manufacturers and suppliers of athletic equipment and infrastructure are required to constantly innovate and create customized products to meet the need of the fast-paced athletic industry.

    Here are five products that do a fantastic job of adding a great deal of versatility to any gymnasium.

    Ceiling-Suspended Volleyball System


    The SkyMaster ceiling-suspended volleyball system is perhaps the most innovative volleyball system on the market today. Rather than rolling out and setting up volleyball uprights and netting, this system is quickly hoisted into the ceiling of your gymnasium. Driven by a powerful 1hp dual-drum direct drive electric hoist, this product saves time and energy and cuts down on the need for additional storage space.

    Top Roll Gym Divider Curtain


    This product is a two-headed monster. It gives facilities the opportunity to quickly separate gymnasium space for additional activities or events, and also provides an aesthetically pleasing storage option. When not in use, this curtain stores above the ceiling area, requiring only 14” of vertical storage space.

    Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Systems


    Not only are these systems safely stored up and out of reach when not in use, they are also equipped with the ability to conform to any building truss heights and spaces. These systems can be installed with six different configurations, depending on the architectural design of your gymnasium.

    Telescopic Bleachers


    When gymnasium bleacher seating is needed but space is limited, these versatile bleacher systems are tough to beat. Most gymnasiums today opt for these retractable seating structures that can be pulled out for instant spectator seating or tucked away, opening up additional floor space.

    Removable Wall Padding


    With safety in mind, wall padding in athletic facilities such as gymnasiums is a necessity for high-speed sports such as basketball. Our removable padding solutions offer facilities a dual-purpose safety padding product that can be utilized for additional activities when the need arises. These pads can protect participants during high-speed sports, or can be removed from the wall for tumbling exercises and gymnastics routines at other times. Providing facilities with a vertical storage solution while the mats are not in use not only keeps participants safe, it also cuts down on storage needs for items such as padding and gym mats.


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