5 Reasons Our Telescopic Bleachers Lead the Industry

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 17, 2016 4:00:00 AM


    No two products are built the same and we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying the marketplace with the very best products available. We are not paid to carry a line of products; in fact, quite the opposite. We evaluate, test, and survey every piece of equipment and product we stamp our name on and firmly stand behind each and every one.

    A product that falls into this category and is one of our most popular is our retractable bleacher systems. If your facility is equipped with a gymnasium, there is little doubt that your facility should be equipped with a bank of telescopic bleachers. Allowing for spectator seating when needed, with the ability to quickly fold away when not in use, these bleacher systems are quite possibly one of the most versatile seating solutions available.

    With this in mind, these five factors are among some of the many reasons our retractable bleachers lead the industry.

    Electric Operation

    Gone are the days of physically demanding seating structures that require maintenance staff members to pull out the bleacher itself. Enter the posi-drive electric motor that quickly, quietly and efficiently unfolds and folds your telescopic bleachers in a matter of minutes. Want to take it a step further? Choose our wireless wand remote control option, allowing you to operate your system from afar.


    Not only do these 4” x 1.25” diameter wheels equipped with all of our telescopic systems provide a solid footing, they also do not damage flooring and provide consistently smooth operation. All wheels are accompanied by one-piece wheel channels for precise wheel alignment.

    Guiding System

    In addition to the unique wheel configurations, these seating systems are equipped with a posi-slide rod-guiding system built with an industry-leading ½” cold-rolled steel rod. This unique construction is the driving force behind the smooth operation of these systems, making tough and durable guiding systems that will not let you down.

    Support Systems

    Each and every system is built with a minimum size of 11 gauge closed-seam structural steel tubing. Our retractable systems are also equipped with angled-iron steel bracing for superior support with additional bracing on higher row installations, where necessary.

    Seating Options

    Our telescopic bleachers come with a couple main choices for seating options. These seating surfaces can be based on budget constraints, personal preference or branding for school spirit and team colours. Contoured seat modules are constructed from high-density polyethylene and feature a 360 degree 1” interlock, which ensures a tight seat-to-seat alignment. These seat modules are available in 14 colours to suit your organization’s needs. The other option is a standard southern yellow pine seating, giving your retractable seating the classic look of wood with the modern performance of the industry’s most trusted gymnasium bleachers.



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