5 Unique Bleacher Customization Options

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 2, 2016 5:45:27 AM


    While customers have access on the internet to an endless amount of possibilities to upgrade or outfit their facility or stadium, they are generally unaware of all the options that exist in the way of bleacher customization.

    When purchasing a big-ticket item such as a bleacher structure to safely house spectators, we have and will always aim to push the envelope, delivering highly customized products to suit the individual needs of our current and future customer base.

    By showcasing our work using our blog and social media channels, we have been successful in displaying the high level of design and custom work that can be done to bleacher structures.  Whether your goal is to make your seating structures as safe as possible, expand capacity, provide accessible seating or make your bleachers mobile, we have the know-how and experience to get the job done.

    Here are just a few ways we are able to customize bleacher seating to better accommodate a variety of different wants and needs.

    Modular Design

    Each and every one of our bleacher seating structures is designed with the future in mind.  What worked today might not get the job done tomorrow.  As programming and popularity increase, the need for additional seating capacity often becomes apparent, sometimes much faster than originally anticipated. 


    To provide a solution to this problem, we design each of our bleachers in a modular fashion.  This means that the structure is open to the possibility of expansion, should the need arise in the future.  We recently were contracted to expand a set of bleachers and a player’s bench for the Toronto Rock, who found they were in need of more seating after just one year of use.

    Tow Kits

    What are traditionally thought of as permanent structures are in fact nothing of the sort.  Outside of large-scale grandstand bleachers, many bleachers have the ability to become fully mobile.  As facilities and athletic programs grow, a need for a transportable bleacher can become apparent rather quickly.


    Most of our bleachers can easily be retrofitted with one of our tow kits, consisting of two parts.  The bracing tow kit consists of front and rear bracing and an axle receiver located at the centre of the bleacher.  It is then paired with a wheel-and-tongue kit, which officially makes it mobile, allowing the structure to be hitched to a tractor, truck or other maintenance vehicle and safely towed to a new location close by.

    Aluminum Rear Guard Rails

    With spectator safety in mind, these rear guard rails, located behind the top row of the bleacher, eliminate the possibility of spectators accidentally falling off of top of the structure.  These custom aluminum angle frames are paired with tailor-made anodized aluminum picket rear guard rail panels for added spectator safety.


    Mounting Options

    Space restrictions can create many dilemmas for organizations and when this is the case, our team fastens their thinking caps on tight.  We have safely mounted bleacher structures to a number of unique places to accommodate seating needs in locations with tight space constraints.

    In preparation for last summer’s Pan Am Games in Toronto, we were contracted to add additional seating to York University’s Pan Am Stadium.  We utilized a 24” row rise x 30” row spacing with a rise and run combination that was designed to maximize spectator sightlines. We then mounted bleacher seating to accommodate an additional 750 spectators on the roof deck of the stadium.


    Another project highlighting an interesting mounting option was the stage-mounted telescopic bleachers we designed and installed for Timmins Vocational School in northern Ontario.  Retractable bleachers are typically installed on the gymnasium floor, but the school was looking for a unique seating arrangement that could be used for alternative, non-sporting events such as graduations.



    Much needed changes have been implemented over the course of the last ten years with regards to spectator seating and accommodating the needs of those living with disabilities.  Our design team specializes in creating the very best in accessible seating structures, or retrofitting existing bleachers to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all.

              accessible-bleacher-design-TISS.jpeg   accessible-seating-bleachers-TISS.jpeg

    Customized ramps, landings, stairs and guard rails are all part of what we do and we even have the ability to provide colour-contrasting techniques to also accommodate those with visual impairments.

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