6 Steps To Ensure Bleacher Safety

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 3, 2014 4:30:00 AM


    Time marches on, and as we all lead busy lives, we sometimes can accidentally overlook routine maintenance of equipment found in our athletic facilities and sports fields. We have compiled a quick 6-point checklist you can use to constantly assess the condition of your bleachers to ensure they are always in tip top shape for the big game.

    Have a good look at everything

    This one is easy and quite obvious; get out and do a quick walk around your bleachers or grandstand seating. Be sure to carefully inspect the stairs and ramps, making sure they are clear of debris and are in good working condition. If you notice anything else along your walk through, make sure you carry a notebook and make notes of anything that might affect the smooth operation of your bleachers.

    Check any fasteners

    Fasteners, nuts and bolts all have the ability to come loose over time. Most of these can be seen by the eye, but if you are unsure, try to turn them by hand. If there is any play, make sure they are tightened right away.


    Welded areas are obviously very important to the overall strength of the bleacher structure. Have a look around at all welded joints and make sure they are in good shape and are holding up properly. Key areas to check are on the frame and in the bracing of the bleachers.


    A piece of hardware like this was installed for user safety, and should be a priority as a large number of spectators utilize handrails and other railings to support their weight and aid them in walking up and down the rows.


    Tying in closely to checking your fasteners, nuts and bolts, you should also make it a priority to routinely inspect the wall and floor anchors of your bleachers. Any loose anchors should be tightened, and if you notice any wear and tear on any anchors they should be replaced.


    Any and all moving parts of your seating systems should be properly lubricated multiple times a year. If it looks like some damage is taking place due to a lack of lubrication, make sure it is properly looked after before a part breaks due to increased friction.

    Using this simple list will aid you in keeping your bleacher systems in good working order, and also gives you the peace of mind that your spectator seating is safe for all those that enjoy it.

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