A Customized Solution For The Canadian Armed Forces

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Apr 24, 2014 5:54:00 AM


    Sport Systems is proud to offer a range of sports equipment solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including finding custom solutions to unique facility problems. We know that no two projects are alike, and we routinely put our knowledge and experience to work for our clients order to develop the right innovations for their unique facility.

    From our individualized wall padding options to our customizable telescopic bleacher systems, to everything else in between, Sports Systems is committed to finding the right solution for every client every time.

    On April 1st of this year, we were proud to partner with the Canadian Military in order to find an innovative and practical solution to their latest training challenge.

    As you may expect (or as you possibly known first hand), the Canadian Military demands the highest level of physical prowess and athletic ability among their ranks. In order to ensure success in the field, service men and women must first complete a rigorous training program followed by a performance test to confirm readiness for duty.

    Recently, the Canadian Armed forces underwent an overhaul of their evaluation program. Their new method of testing Minimum Physical Fitness Standards is designed to be a more practical measurement of each candidate’s readiness for duty. After thirty years of using the EXPRES testing system (a more traditional system that measured physical ability with such tasks as push-ups, sit-ups, endurance runs, and grip hangs), the new FORCE testing intends to take a more practical approach.

    Unlike the old system, activities tested under the new FORCE system are designed to mimic tasks that are more true to life in the field. One such task involves dragging 20 kg sandbags for a length of 20 meters. It wasn’t long before the heavy sandbags started to damage the floors of Canadian Military facilities, which led them to reach out to us at SSCI for a solution.

    You might already be familiar with our gym floor covers, the perfect way to preserve the finish on facility floors and indoor basketball courts. The Canadian Armed Forces needed a solution fast, one that wouldn’t interrupt their FORCE testing schedule. To make this happen, our research and design team took our existing floor cover technology and customized it to work for the sandbag test.

    Thanks to the innovative 30 oz heavy-duty and ultra durable wall-to-wall floor covering design, Canada’s Armed Forces were able to protect their flooring during the FORCE tests without missing a beat. Now, the same technology that can be found in schools and recreational facilities across North America can also be found HMCS ships, Air Force, Armed Forces and Navy facilities across Canada.

    No matter what the industry and no matter what challenge you face, Sport Systems can help you find the perfect facility solutions.  


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