A Gym Divider Curtain in a Cafeteria? Oh Yes We Did!

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 11, 2023 4:00:00 AM


    One of our greatest assets as a company  is our ability to tackle incredibly complex and custom jobs. Our flexibility and ingenuity allows us to take on  a massive grandstand seating project, a netting barrier for a unique sports field or in this case, a gym divider curtain installed inside a cafeteria.

    Of all the places we have installed a curtain in the past, which include gymnasiums with unique ceiling structures, size constraints or ones with stages, this is the first we have designed and installed for use inside a cafeteria.

    As a longtime customer of ours, the Renfrew County Central District School Board knows firsthand our abilities in the custom design space and so approached us with  another challenge. The board needed a solution to divide a large cafeteria at one of their schools in order to separate food service and group study.

    Our team was promptly on-site to assess the space and any architectural or engineering challenges that might lie ahead. After having a look at the space, it was clear that although this wouldn’t be our largest curtain project, it would indeed feature a few complex challenges for our custom projects division.


    These complexities required scanning T-bar style concrete joists which were used to suspend the curtain. The concrete scanning pinpointed pre-tensioned cabling and re-bar within the concrete and our team was able to design a bracket to eliminate any interference due to these steel elements. 

    With all the parts acquired and the curtain ready for installation, our team made the short trip out to the Ottawa Valley for the final installation. Given the prep work that was performed by the team ahead of the install, everything fit perfectly and was installed on schedule well ahead of the new school year.

    Today the curtain serves as an important barrier and is one that allows for both continued academics and proper nourishment, two prerequisites for a healthy student body. 


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