A MATter of Fact...or a MATter of Taste?

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Nov 19, 2013 9:41:00 AM

    gym mats

    Let's spend a second talking about where the rubber meets the road and the pedal meets the metal! Neither of these really fit today's subject exactly, but they aren't entirely irrelevant. Gymnasiums and sports facilities are where the human body tests its limits against itself, against others, and most often, against gravity. Many sports require a forgiving surface, whether for the prevention of injury or because a routine demands a cushioned finale, like in gymnastics. Gymnastic crash pads and mats are essential to any gym where gymnastics or any gymnastic-inspired activities are taking place. Plus, who doesn't love diving headfirst into a 30-inch sea of foam?

    Sport Systems Canada gymnastic crash pads are available in far too many choices to list here. That's why we have a website. What you need to know about all the sizes you'll see listed is that our pads are made of 44 ILD (Indention Load Reflection) polyurethane foam. If you're not a foam enthusiast who knows exactly what means off the top of your head, rest assured. The short explanation is that a 12 x 12 x 4 inch slab of our foam can withstand 44 pounds of weight before taking an indention. Luxury memory foam beds usually have an ILD of about 14. This means our foam is durable and supportive without feeling swampy to athletes climbing on and off of it. 

    Our pads also come with double stitched covers with reinforced carrying handles. Very convenient! Replacements are easy to use as well. Gymnasts need mats and crash pads because, at certain points, they're supposed to tumble into something. But what about a sport where the object is to avoid that at all costs? 

    Sport Systems Canada carries an equally vast selection of martial arts gym mats. Available with Velcro on two or four sides, these mats fit together perfectly and are made to the same exacting standards you'd expect from a company proudly built on repeat customers. Martial arts mats from SSCI are available with both 2" cross-link filler (the dense foam that repels water) and 1.25 cross-link foam with a 1" rebond filler to boot. We also have similar mats paired with 1" 44 ILD foam that are great for gymnastic floor routines.
    The array of sizes and Velcro sides means we can tailor a solution for your gym or dojo, and not just in size! While our mats have a standard selection of colors (blue, yellow, black, green, beige, and red) we can also do custom colors to fit your school or gym so, you know, a judo-thrown opponent doesn't forget where they are when they find themselves beat. 

    To learn a bit more about our custom gymnasium mats & padding check out our video!

    Here are some helpful resources from Sport Systems: 

    Download our Custom Padding Guideand use our Custom Padding Reference page to help you measure correctly.

    Once you have your measurements ready to go, simply Request a Custom Padding Quote!

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