A Netting Barrier for the City of Toronto’s MacGregor Park

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 13, 2020 4:21:00 AM


    Blending recreational activities with downtown living in a city as large as Toronto is no easy feat. As Canada’s largest city and North America’s fourth largest in terms of population, a great deal of planning was required in the execution of a project in such a large urban centre.

    This was quite apparent with one of our recent projects that kicked off in 2019 and which was completed earlier this year. During the summer of 2019, we were contacted by Victor Ford and Associates, an award-winning landscape architect firm with roots in western Canada now located in Toronto. Providing sustainable and creative designs that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, durable and practical is what VFA specializes in and we had the opportunity to learn that first hand.

    Their client, the City of Toronto, was in the midst of an urgent situation regarding a condominium that had been recently constructed. As the first few residents moved into the prestigious building, it became immediately apparent that the neighbouring baseball diamond was going to pose a possible safety hazard to pedestrians and residents of the new building.

    Confirming these concerns, over the duration of the softball season, a number of balls found their way into the upper floors of the condo complex. Once key stakeholders were made aware of the problem, the search for an experienced partner who could design and install a solution was immediately underway and we were quickly called into service.


    Deploying our team to an arranged site meeting, we were able to discuss plans, options and possible designs swiftly. Once a few options were on the table, our team acquired the necessary measurements and not long after that, a 240’ long and 40’ high safety-netting barrier was in production awaiting a prompt installation.

    Given the time of year, our team organized the installation of Grade A red pine utility poles on which the new netting barrier would eventually be hung at the site. With an early arrival of winter weather, it was determined that our team would wait until the ground was completely frozen before returning for the final installation of the netting barrier.


    Our team returned, as promised, and installed the netting without a hitch. The City of Toronto is very pleased with the end result and the occupants of the condo can now relax knowing the safety hazard has been eliminated and all parties can enjoy the outdoors this coming spring.


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