A New Gym Divider Curtain for the Yellowknife School District #1

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 6, 2020 3:45:00 AM


    Nestled high in the great Canadian North, the Northwest Territories is an expansive swath of land covering nearly 1.1 million km2.The remote landscape is made up of forest, mountains, tundra and a number of islands dotting Canada’s Arctic archipelago.

    In the central region of this vast Canadian Territory lies the city of Yellowknife. As the only city in the territory, the province’s capital resides along the northern shores of Great Slave Lake.

    It was here where we were invited to participate in one of our most recent projects. As part of the Yellowknife Education District No. 1, we were invited to Sir John Franklin High School located in the eastern portion of the city. In search of a replacement solution for an outdated partition, our team was brought in to assess its current condition and provide a long-term solution to the gymnasium’s separation needs.

    Working closely with key stakeholders from the school, it was decided that one of our centre-drive gym divider curtains would be the best solution for the space moving forward. Travelling at twice the speed of most other gym divider curtains on the market today, these curtains are often selected for their innovative design that eliminates the need for belts, cables and rollers.


    As the name suggests, these curtains drive from a centralized roller pipe as both upper and lower sections are wrapped simultaneously.

    The curtain was shipped directly to the picturesque Northwest Territories and installed safely and quickly in the gymnasium. Today, it serves as a safe solution for this growing high school in the territory’s capital region.



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