A New Netting Structure for the Town of Havelock

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 2, 2023 6:27:00 AM


    In the spring of 2022, the Town of Havelock was looking  for  the right company to assist them with keeping balls in play. This small eastern-Ontario town is filled with character and up until 2019 was the home of the world famous Havelock Country Jamboree which saw thousands of country music fans descend on the town for the annual festival.

    While the pandemic slowed things down musically for the town, life has gone on and as local ball players continue to fill local parks and diamonds, and so the town reached out to us to design, supply and install a custom Netting Barrier for the town's ball field.

    With more players swinging the wildly popular composite bats, ball parks across North America are reporting more home runs being launched over their outfield fence in recent years.  Additionally, the town had just recently begun plans to install both a new play structure and a splash pad beyond the outfield fence. With this in mind, city planners immediately thought of the possible safety issues this might present and quickly got to work with our team on a solution.


    Having designed and installed many custom netting barriers at ball parks and at many other facilities, we are well versed in choosing the right size and configuration needed to act as an extra layer of safety for anyone walking or playing beyond the boundaries of play.

    With the assistance of our partners at West Electric, we designed and installed a custom netting barrier that included seven Red Pine Utility Poles and ran the entire length of the outfield fence.  Once manufactured, our team was en route to Havelock to safely string and install the netting on the massive utility poles.


    The install was completed just ahead of the winter season, allowing the park to safely open the new playground and splash pad once the weather permits in the spring season.


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