A Padded Tactical Training Room for Montreal-Trudeau International Airport

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 31, 2021 11:00:00 AM

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    Montreal-Trudeau International Airport is the largest airport in the province of Quebec and the third-busiest airport in Canada. Servicing roughly 53,000 passengers daily, the airport is one of the main gateways into Canada with over 65% of passengers on non-domestic flights.

    With an airport that supports such a large volume of travelers, security is always a chief concern. Using a special team of security officers that patrol Montreal’s two major airports, they require constant training to keep their skills sharp. Although most of the training takes place off-site, with some new developments, we were recently contracted to help design a specialized training area located directly inside the airport.

    Working closely with key stakeholders from the airport, we quickly gathered the necessary specifications and set out to create a customized design to fulfill the needs of this highly specialized training unit.

    MTL Airport Blog-Body Photo 1Our team was provided with detailed measurements and our technological engineers quickly got to work on initial design concepts. Looking to completely and safely pad the room, the request was made for our fire-rated wall padding to be placed not only on the walls but also on the flooring, columns and cabinets located inside the tactical room.

    After delivering detailed designs, the initial drawings were approved and the padding was placed immediately into production. The pads were then packaged and shipped directly to the airport for a prompt installation. Today, the room serves as a home for tactical training for specialized officers whose sole purpose is to keep the airport secure and passengers safe. Those reasons alone make this project one that we are proud to have been involved in.

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