A Partition Removal and Gym Divider Installation for Trenton High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 16, 2018 5:49:59 AM


    Serving nearly 20,000 students in central Ontario, the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board(HPEDSB) operates 39 elementary schools and eight secondary schools throughout the region.

    Several of the schools in the district have been in operation for many years, serving many students who are now working professionals. As such, some of the equipment located within those schools are dated and in some cases, dangerous for students to use.

    One such location with a storied past is the Trenton High School. Located in the gymnasium of the school was a large and dated folding partition that had been used to separate the space for a number of years. While the partition did a great job fulfilling its purpose, the unit had become not only cumbersome to operate but downright dangerous.

    Working closely with the school board, we were commissioned to remove the folding partition and come up with a comprehensive design that would accommodate a more modern gym divider curtain.


    Our installation crew was quick to come up with a plan for disposing of the existing partition and our design team back at our head office was busy creating a modern solution for the school’s gymnasium.

    The challenge was within the existing ceiling and trusses and planning and designing a product that would suit the facility’s needs and fit the existing indoor structure.

    After the design stage was completed and approved by key stakeholders at the school board, our team was on the ground to first remove the existing partition. Working quickly and efficiently, the existing partition was safely removed and disposed of.

    Once completed, the new curtain was sent down to the school and met by our team. We then got to work on installing the state-of-the-art gym divider.

    What stands today is a fully operational and safe gym divider curtain, customized black and yellow to match the school’s team colours.

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