A Powerful Gym Divider Curtain for Ecole La Foret in Western Quebec

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 7, 2017 4:03:00 AM


    Hitting the road again, our partners at Construction Proulx got us involved with one of their projects in the great province of Quebec. As part of this project in the small town of Amos, they enlisted our help to design and supply a highly customized divider curtain for a local school gym.

    Taking accurate measurements at Ecole La Foret, our team was able to get the exact dimensions and specifications required for the project. The school was interested in one of our top-roll gym divider curtains for their maintenance-free and aesthetically pleasing design but had some additional requests for customization.

    While most of these curtains are manufactured with both a vinyl and mesh section to add to their visual appeal and reduce the overall weight of the curtain, the school was looking for something different.


    Rather than the traditional look, they wanted a curtain designed completely using only our heavy-duty vinyl. Given the sheer weight of the prospective curtain, we advised stakeholders at the school and our partners that a second motor would be necessary to safely operate this massive structure.

    Shipping the entire structure and the two motors up to north-western Quebec, our partners were on-site to complete the entire installation and ensure that the entire process was seamless from beginning to end.



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