Anchor Your Soccer Organization in Safety with Goal Anchors from Sport Systems

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 12, 2015 3:30:00 AM


    It's no secret that the proper goal anchoring system will not only keep your soccer goals in place, but will add another level of protection for those using the soccer pitch. These anchoring systems come in a number of different configurations and are easily installed permanently or semi-permanently on any size of goal.

    When you first begin your research on a new set of soccer goal anchors, we always recommend taking the following three factors into consideration:

    • Anticipated Goal Usage - semi-permanent vs. portable
    • Type of Playing Surface – grass vs. artificial turf.
    • Soil Type of Grass Fields - sand vs. loam vs. clay.

    We proudly carry a wide variety of goal anchors. Below are some of the main categories with descriptions to help you choose the anchor type that is right for you.

    Auger Soccer Goal Anchors

    These are spiral-shaped ground stakes that are driven into the ground by hand and secured to the soccer goal.

    Semi-Permanent Goal Anchors

    These goal anchors come in two parts; one that is permanently embedded in the ground where the soccer goals sit and the other, a portable tether or tube that easily connects with the underground moorings.

    Peg & Stake Goal Anchors

    Measuring at about 10” in length, these are driven into the ground and are available in larger diameters and textured finishes to increase its overall weight capacity.

    “J” & “U” Shaped Goal Anchors

    Straddling the base of the frame of the soccer goal, these anchors are then driven into the ground. One set of four “U” anchors will support most goal frames.

    Anchor Bags & Counterweight Soccer Goal Anchors

    These are an extremely portable option for soccer clubs on the move. These anchor bags are quickly secured over the base of the goal in two or four locations to keep it secure during game play.


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