BGC Durham Receives New Divider Curtains

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 2, 2022 9:46:38 AM

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    While every child and teen is unique, they share the same need for proper physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Furthermore, they need access to the resources that can help encourage these different areas of growth. When built upon a strong foundation, the unique personalities and talents of each child and teen are then able to flourish. Valuing the unique contributions that the youngest generation has to offer society, BGC Durham is committed to equipping students with the resources needed to develop critical life skills. Located in Oshawa, Ontario, BGC Durham has been making a difference in its community since the early 1960s (“History”). The benefits that BGC Durham’s programs offer are invaluable, helping to fulfill a variety of needs through its alignment with the standards of the HIGH FIVE organization. As a result of this, the curriculums and programs that BGC Durham offers emphasize the importance of “a caring leader,” “friends,” “participation,” “play,” and “mastery” (“HIGH FIVE”). Regardless of what type of work a graduating high school student chooses to pursue, the skills that they develop at BGC Durham are applicable in any environment.

    Like many popular programs throughout any city, frequent traffic and scheduling conflicts have
    limited the ability of BGC Durham to meet the needs of their community. As a result, Sport Systems was recruited to help provide a solution to this challenge. Upon examination of their facilities, it was determined that installing room dividers would help the club better utilize their space. However, before our team could proceed with the tasks of manufacturing and installing the equipment, BGC Durham needed to apply for financial assistance.

    Upon approval of their funding application, BGC Durham immediately purchased a 4040XL
    Motorized Gym Divider Curtain and a Walk Draw Curtain. The former was installed in their gymnasium and now allows for multiple activities to be held simultaneously. Likewise, the latter was installed in their upstairs assembly room allowing for multiple gatherings or classes to meet at the same time.

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    Community participation, funding, and upgraded facilities are common needs across the board among organizations such as BGC Durham. It is once these needs are met that these organizations are able to  help build sound foundations for children and teens. However, just as each individual youth is different, so is each of these organizations. Although part of an international community of Boys and Girls Clubs, BGC Durham is unique in its own way, reaching the youngest members of society tailored specifically to the city of Oshawa.


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