Choosing a Portable Recreational Basketball System

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 10, 2015 7:28:56 AM


    With basketball season quickly approaching here in North America and a new school year just beginning, it is never too late to upgrade existing or out-of-date basketball systems. Portable basketball backstops are the perfect solution for facilities that cannot accommodate a wall-mounted basketball system or a ceiling-suspended basketball system. These portable units also work perfectly for various and/or temporary locations such as outdoor or indoor tournaments or community events, etc.

    Below you will find our line-up of industry-leading recreational portable backstops to help you navigate and purchase the right piece of basketball equipment for your facility or organization.

    Hoopmaster Series

    Our premier recreational backstop comes in two different sizes, depending on the proposed site. As portable basketball units are often required to be recessed so as to not disrupt participants, we offer the Hoopmaster 8 featuring an 8’ extension and the Hoopmaster 5 with a 5’ extension. Both of these configurations are equipped with officially sized glass backboards, positive lock breakaway goals and are approved by FIBA for international competition.

    Z Series

    Two models make up this series of versatile basketball backstops. Our Super Z60 model is ideal for recreational play across a variety of facilities and can be easily rolled around with its built-in wheels, which makes it easy to store out of the way when not in use.

    Our Micro-Z Roll-Around backstop shares many of the same characteristics as the Super Z60, but is slightly smaller in its construction and has an added level of versatility, not found in our other models. The main difference with this basketball unit lies in its ability to easily fold down and be transported via its four large casters with locking mechanism. This gives facilities more storage options for this system when it is not in use. Both models are equipped with a 48” x 32” acrylic backboard, stationary goal and nylon net.

    Hoops 21

    This system was designed specifically for use with 3-on-3 tournaments and for this reason can be used both indoors and outdoors. This system easily adjusts between 8’-10’ heights, depending on the participant’s skill level or age group and collapses easily into a flat storage position that can be transported or stored quickly and easily.

    These systems come equipped with a 54” x 39” fibreglass backboard, standard goal, nylon net and 18oz safety padding protecting the outside of the system.


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