Choosing a Windscreen for Your Athletic Facility

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 28, 2017 7:04:02 AM


    As part of our custom netting department, we are proud to introduce windscreens as one of our newest product lines. Used to block the wind, sunshine, noise and/or debris, these finely netted screens can be found on baseball diamonds, tennis courts, municipal parks, recreation areas, golf courses, industrial sites and ski resorts.

    While these screens can be extremely versatile for any location or facility, there is a bit of homework that needs to be done before selecting the right solution.

    Available in a number of different configurations, buyers will first need to identify the right windscreen product to address their unique needs. Our windscreens are available in a number of different fabrics, lengths and configurations. Below we will break down our main products, giving you additional insight into the buying process before purchasing a screen.

    Open Mesh Polypropylene

    These open mesh models are best suited for drier climates and are built to allow more wind flow while still providing adequate privacy where required. Our open mesh windscreens are rated to provide roughly 85 percent shade and wind-block to users behind or within the screen.

    Closed Mesh Polypropylene

    A contrast from the above, these windscreens are designed using a more closed design, adding additional shade and wind-block for users. These lighter-weight screens can block upwards of 96 percent of the elements with their tightly-woven design but are sometimes slightly less versatile and durable than our open mesh models.

    Vinyl-Coated Polyester Mesh

    The most popular option for windscreens across Canada and the United States, these vinyl-coated models offer the very best in durability. These screens are thicker than traditional windscreens and can stand up to almost all weather conditions.

    Privacy Screens

    When it comes to the ultimate in privacy, these privacy screens are the only choice on the market. Equipped with a 100 percent privacy factor, these tightly-woven screens are an economically sound choice and are often used in industrial applications such as construction sites.


    These screens are available in five standard colours and are sized to fit most fences and can be quickly and easily cut where and when needed.




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