Choosing Low Maintenance Lecture Hall Seating

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 23, 2015 5:00:00 AM


    When it comes to seating for use in educational facilities, buyers are traditionally looking for a few basic features to serve the demanding needs of their institution. Given the high level of traffic and constant use of lecture halls, these facilities require a chair that is durable, long lasting and relatively low maintenance.

    We carefully select a number of fixed seating options to serve a wide range of facilities and organizations around the world and our sales team is highly knowledgeable and capable of finding the perfect fit. Here we will highlight a couple of our most popular fixed seating chairs for use in lecture halls and in other locations found in educational facilities. These products provide customers with an aesthetically pleasing seating solution that is built to withstand high-traffic areas and is easily cleaned and maintained, reducing scheduled maintenance costs.

    Scholar Chair


    A retro look and feel gives this line of lecture hall seating a unique and timeless appearance when installed in any lecture hall. This seat is easily customizable allowing customers to choose a plastic laminate surface or a wood veneer to complete the nostalgic image of a lecture hall chair from years past.

    This chair features a 35” back and is available in widths ranging between 19” and 23”, depending on the exact needs and dimensions of your facility.

    Campus Chair


    Perhaps our most low-maintenance model of fixed seat for use in educational facilities, the Campus model is constructed upon tubular steel stanchions, giving it unbeatable strength as well. The seating surface and backing is comprised of injection-molded plastic, allowing for perhaps one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain throughout the product’s lifecycle.

    Our Campus chair measures in with a 30.5” back height paired with available 19” or 20” chair widths. As with all of our fixed seating products, this chair boasts a number of different armrest and aisle panel configurations.



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