Choosing The Right Players Bench For Your Facility

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 1, 2014 5:00:00 AM


    The idea seems simple enough, locating and acquiring a bench for use for coaching staff and players for a variety of sporting activities at your recreational field or facility. The fact of the matter is; there are many choices, including style, size, mounting preference and utility.

    This article will quickly guide you through the variety of choices you have when selecting a players bench for your athletic program, field or facility.

    Permanent Players Benches

    These benches, as the name suggests, are permanently installed in the location of your choice. These benches are embedded in concrete and are ideally suited for baseball dugouts and football and soccer sidelines.


    Surface Mounted Players Benches

    The slightly less permanent solution than the above, these benches are the ideal solution when concrete footing is just not practical for your particular circumstances. The only thing you need to consider if you are thinking of a surface mounted bench, is to ensure you have an ample base for mounting; concrete slabs and sidewalks are perfect for this type of install.


    Portable Players Benches

    Looking for versatility? You’ve got it all with our portable benches. These benches can easily be moved from varied locations, and can be used in either indoor or outdoor applications. Our models without backrests weigh up to 60lbs at most, so moving them by two adults is easy and relatively hassle free. These can be found inside gymnasiums for a variety of sports like basketball, volleyball and other team sports.



    All of the above configurations are made available with optional backrests for added support to your resting athletes. Every bench we manufacture if constructed of hot dipped galvanized 2” x 2” steel struts and anodized aluminum seat planks.

    Be sure to learn more on our Players Benches product page for sizing and pricing information.

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