Column Padding for Ingram Micro’s West Coast Distribution Centre

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 21, 2017 6:20:41 AM


    When it comes to our custom padding department, most often associate our products with the athletic market. While we undoubtedly specialize in that particular market given the complimentary products we carry and manufacture, the fact remains that our reach goes well beyond that.

    With regards to padding, in particular, it has the most far-reaching capabilities among our growing product line. Given our ability to customize each and every order, our padding department services the health industry and has many applications in the industrial environment as well.

    As large industrial facilities such as warehouses continue to push the envelope to offer their valued employees a safe work environment, padding has become a natural fit. As additional operators find new ways to keep their employees safe, they often lean on our expertise to get the job done correctly.

    One such organization is Ingram Micro, a large wholesaler of high-tech goods that has been servicing the global market since 1989. With Canadian headquarters located in Mississauga, Ingram Micro supplies products such as displays, computer systems, imaging devices and more to clients across the country.


    When it comes to the distribution end of their business, much of those products are siphoned through their busy distribution centre in Richmond, British Columbia on Canada’s west coast.

    It was here where once again, we were contacted to provide some strategic padding to this busy location in an effort to continually make it a safer place to do business.

    As our fourth project with this organization, this time we were commissioned to supply a number of column pads for the warehouse. Strategically placed along busy assembly and sorting lines, the pads, designed in high visibility yellow and matching grey are sure to keep the facility running smoothly and accident free for years to come.



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