Common Aluminum Bleacher Finish Options

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 23, 2020 10:35:29 AM


    When it comes to outdoor products, how they stand-up to not only the test of time but up to the inherent weather conditions is ultimately how we evaluate their effectiveness. With structures such as bleachers, which are left outdoors through12 months of the year, much care has gone into the construction and finish of these products.

    Aluminum is an incredibly durable material and fares well with extended outdoor use. While the material is great, it is the finish used to protect it is often what makes the difference in the long-term. These coatings and finishes allow these seating systems not only the ability to withstand extended outdoor conditions but also allows them to look ageless through the process.

    With that in mind, below are three of the most common finish options for outdoor bleachers and ones you should consider before purchasing your next bank of outdoor seating.

    Mill Finish

    This finishing is not only the most natural but also the most budget-friendly option. This is because as aluminum bleachers exit the extrusion process, they are immediately equipped with an oxide coating as they become exposed to exterior conditions.


    The finish acts as a protectant for the base and can look slightly discoloured early on. Over time and added exposure to the elements, it eventually becomes even coloured. While this process will provide a certain level of protection for outdoor seating, it is an entry-level solution for bleacher protection.

    Anodized Aluminum

    By far the most popular option for aluminum bleacher structures, this process creates a durable finish that can resist corrosion and chipping on the surface of the aluminum. Using an electrochemical process, anodized aluminum finish actually becomes integrated with the existing mill finish on all aluminum parts and planks.


    This process also beneficial in the long-term, as treated structures often look more vibrant over time than those with just a mill finish.


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