Common Bleacher Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Them

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 31, 2016 5:52:31 AM


    A large portion of our business is the design, manufacturing and installation of bleacher seating structures in Canada and throughout the United States.  While these large structures are marvels to observe (at least we think so), there is a great deal of technical knowledge that goes into both their design and construction.

    A chief concern of ours and that of our customers when it comes to bleachers is spectator safety.  Serving as the backbone to any athletic event, bleachers can however, be hazardous if certain precautions are not taken during the design and construction phases and also when these structures are in use.

    Common Bleacher Safety Hazards

    Falling Hazards

    Fall hazards are one of the most common injuries associated with bleachers and can be caused by a variety of factors.  Outside of human error, falls commonly occur due to defective guardrail systems, missing handrails from steps, and large openings where children and sometimes adults can fall through.


    The unfortunate reality is that some of these structures are susceptible to complete collapse, which can result in catastrophic injuries when in use.  In some cases,  bleacher structures are destined to fail before a spectator steps foot on them simply due to design, manufacturing or installation flaws.

    The majority of failures, however, are the result of misinformation of some kind.  Far too often, bleachers are ordered and required information such as who exactly will be utilizing the seating structure is not properly addressed.  Seating capacities along with prospective age of use are vital to not only the design and manufacturing of bleacher systems, but also to the installation.

    How to Prevent Safety Hazards

    Firstly, you will always want to ensure you are dealing with a tenured, experienced and reputable supplier or bleacher manufacturer.  In addition to speaking with company representatives, you should also ask to see examples of previous installations, learn more about their design practices and get a reference from a past customer, when possible.

    You will also want to ensure any bleacher manufacturer adheres to any and all building and safety codes, depending on your geographical location.

    Finally, whether you are the current owner or operator of a facility that houses bleachers, or are in the market for a new spectator seating solution, you will want to be sure to include routine inspections and maintenance.  While many facilities house their own maintenance staff, oftentimes these individuals do not either have the time or know-how to properly inspect these seating structures.

    We proudly offer annual maintenance and inspections on all bleacher structures with our Orange Zone Inspection Program.  This program is a manufacturer-certified service program that ensures the safest gymnasiums and athletic facilities possible by inspecting all athletic equipment, including bleachers.

    Watch our video to learn more about the program below:





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