Complete Netting Barriers for Every Application

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 16, 2015 6:35:43 AM


    Our netting department is one of our most versatile product lines, with applications across a number of sports and general uses.

    While we carry traditional sports netting such as hockey goal netting, soccer goal netting, volleyball netting and the like, we also provide our customers with completely customized barrier netting solutions. Our barrier netting solutions are also used in many sports applications, to reduce the risk of flying objects and protecting spectators and equipment.

    Enclosing areas such as hockey rinks, tennis courts, golf driving ranges and fairways and baseball fields are a few of the most popular types of netting we design and install. This being said, there is never a one size fits all approach to netting as the barrier needs vary from sport to sport. To remedy this we carry three main varieties of netting, each designed to fulfill certain requirements for a particular application or sport.

    For hockey rinks and arenas we carry three options: our entry-level dyed black knotless nylon netting, which features a roped border finish and is seen in some hockey and lacrosse arenas. We also supply our NHLCM model, conveniently offered in either a black or white finish to help with visibility. This model is our heavier-duty netting featuring 150 lbs of break strength and is available in either a roped border or the more aesthetically pleasing, vinyl and grommet finish. Our third alternative is our clear monofilament netting which is the premium selection for visibility and our only netting approved by the National Hockey League.

    If a larger area of netting is needed to enclose a baseball field, soccer field, track and field oval or golf course we have the ability to quickly design and even install a custom netting barrier to fit your location. Our barrier netting starts at as little as $0.45/ sq. ft., plus installation (if requested) and any poles that will be needed to support the netting structure.

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