Continuing Community Support: The Nick Smith Centre Receives New Gym Divider Curtains

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 19, 2022 2:21:59 PM

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    Over the years, the advances in technology and communications in an increasingly globalized world have allowed networks and communities to be created, despite the geographical distances that might physically separate us. Today’s technology has eliminated the need for in-person interactions, widening the scope for interconnectedness outside one’s community, and even within it. Although technology can facilitate ways to find others with shared interests and values, the lack of face-to-face interaction can cause many to feel disconnected within their own communities. Appreciating the advantages technology can provide, the Town of Arnprior also understands the importance of in-person interaction amongst its residents. As Arnprior’s recreational hub, the Nick Smith Centre has proven to be an extremely important resource for its community.

    The Nick Smith Centre has earned a reputation not only amongst the town’s residents, but within the hockey community as well. Presently, the Nick Smith Centre serves as the home of the Arnprior Packers and the West Carleton Rivermen (Dyson). The important role that this facility has played in the Canadian Junior and Senior hockey leagues has earned the rink significant funding to make much needed repairs (Mulvihill). However, hockey players and fans are not the only demographic that the Nick Smith Centre appeals to.

    As stated on the town of Arnprior’s website, “The Nick Smith Centre is Arnprior’s hub for recreation” (“Nick Smith Centre”); not only for hockey, but also for recreational activities including yoga and pickleball. These activities are held in their gym space which, similar to their hockey rink, was also in need of renovation. Gladly accepting the facility’s request for assistance, our team was recruited to provide the gym with a motorized divider curtain.

    At Sport Systems, our gym divider curtains continue to be some of our best-selling products. The popularity of these products is due to the flexibility they provide the spaces in which they are installed. While we offer many options within this product category, our Centre Drive Divider Curtain was selected for this particular project. Since installing this curtain, the Nick Smith Centre has been able to continue to support different programs and activities with diminished scheduling conflicts.

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    As our towns and neighbourhoods continue to reflect the changes we see in society, the need for strong geographical communities still exists. While schools and religious establishments can offer some form of connection, these institutions only appeal to limited demographics. Appealing to various ages, religious backgrounds and interests, the Nick Smith Centre continues to provide a safe and stable environment where people from various backgrounds can enjoy recreational activities in person, together within their own community.

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