Crash Mats for Use with Pole Dancing Exercises

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 19, 2015 3:30:00 AM


    Pole fitness and pole dancing has evolved into a mainstream fitness program in local gyms and fitness facilities around the world. Today, facilities dedicated to pole dancing fitness are popping up in many areas and pole fitness is quickly becoming a popular exercise for those looking for a unique and fun way to build strength and get in shape.

    Because of the complexity of some of the moves, a pole fitness program requires the participant to be in great shape, although beginner programs do exist. With specialized exercise programs taking off in local gyms and training facilities, it is no wonder pole fitness facilities and programs are following the same trend.

    As a leading padding manufacturer and supplier, we initially began designing custom padding solutions for pole dancing and fitness programs on a case-by-case basis. As pole fitness has risen in popularity, so too has the demand for a padding solution to keep participants safe while exercising using poles.

    We have perfected the design of the product and now offer a line of pole fitness crash mats, answering the call of pole dancing exercise programs everywhere.

    Our standard design is square in shape, for optimal space coverage and each padding unit comprises of two pads that are joined in the centre surrounding the pole. A heavy-duty Velcro® seal is used to fasten the padding together and close the gap between the two pads.

    These pole crash pads are available in 4” or 6” thickness, are filled with 100 I.L.D. filler, and are covered with our heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl cover for added protection and durability. The surface of this padding provides the user with a low-maintenance system that is easily wiped down after each use, adding years to the pad’s life-cycle.

    These pole dancing crash mats are a great addition to any facility offering pole fitness programs and are also perfect for personal use for those who exercise in the comfort of their own homes.



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