Custom Gym Wall Padding for St. Anne Catholic School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 15, 2023 4:15:00 AM


    In a perfect world, every gymnasium would be identical, making producing the equipment and padding required for these facilities a breeze. What makes our work so fun and meaningful however, lies in the fact that this is not the case in any facility. 

    Having worked with thousands of gymnasiums, schools, community centres and post-secondary institutions around the world, we know that no two facilities or projects are alike. Although we love the variety working in this industry provides us, we’ve also grown to have a unique affinity for customized projects. Whether it’s a new set of grandstands for a university, a new basketball system for a community centre or completing a unique padding project, we love taking on a challenge and watching the solution come to fruition.

    When it comes to wall padding, the unique design of walls and allocated spaces can sometimes present a unique challenge for our custom padding department. Though most walls provide us with a flat surface to affix the padding to, there are many other obstacles that come into play, depending on how that facility was initially designed.


    When it comes to placing padding beneath basketball systems inside a gymnasium, many of these wall spaces are already clear of obstructions, allowing for an easy design and installation process. On the other hand, some walls located beneath these systems can include items such as heat sensors, light switches, fire-alarm pulls and electrical outlets.

    One of our most recent projects provided us with just about every obstruction one could imagine but with the ingenuity of our padding team, we bid confidently on the project and upon approval, got to work designing each and every cut-out as required.

    Located in a suburb of Ottawa, St. Ann Catholic School in Bridlewood, Ontario was in need of safety padding to be placed below both of its wall-mounted basketball units. While one wall was relatively straightforward, the other included outlets and other keypads required to operate the facility.

    We provided a completely customized padding solution and sent our specialized installation team to the school to complete the final installation. Not only does our team understand the products and how best to install them, it also allows us a level of quality control for these types of custom jobs. By being part of the installation process, our on-site techs can ensure the padding fits according to specifications and is installed correctly for the end user.


    Despite the unique nature of this padding job, our installation team completed the job at St Anne Catholic school, providing a fantastic end result and a very happy client.

    Reach out if you might have walls that require padding that would benefit by us arranging a site visit to find a solution that works for you.

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