Custom Padding for a Residential Time-Out Room

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 21, 2017 5:08:09 AM


    While we typically service the industrial and institutional markets, oftentimes we lend our prowess to the residential crowd where and when possible.  From installing indoor or outdoor basketball systems, barrier netting projects, or providing hockey goals for backyard rinks, our products are used around the home more than most think.

    One such area in which we provide a great deal of coverage for the residential market is within our custom padding department.  Due to the wide variety of uses and specific needs, we are seeing a much higher volume of residential padding projects coming into our facility.

    In an attempt to provide better at-home care for those requiring special assistance or those living with special needs, many homeowners and home-based treatment centres are turning to partial or fully padded rooms and calming or sensory environments.

    As such, one of our most recent projects brought us to the lovely province of Quebec, where with help from our partners at Constructions et Installations Sportives Inc., we planned, designed and installed a full-scale padded room.

    Through programming with Quebec’s integrated health and social services centres, which ensure accessibility, continuity, and quality of services for residents, these centres act as reference points where people can go in case of health or psychosocial problems. There, they can receive appropriate services or be directed to another resource of the territorial services network.

    This unique programming facilitated a family in enlisting our professional services to acquire a unique padding solution for their home. 

    Our team designed and installed a comprehensive, fire-retardant wall padding solution covering the walls of one of the rooms within the residence.



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