Custom Padding for Large Planters in New York City Park

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 31, 2017 3:42:00 AM


    The sounds of our local parks and recreational areas are often found by following the joyful shrieks and giggles of happy children. As more municipalities across Canada and the United States continue to allocate funding to these outdoor areas, their popularity is growing in tandem with said investment.

    Heading to your local park or playground is the best way to appreciate these types of investments. The design and quality of the equipment found onsite has progressed a great deal from what was being installed just a few short years ago.

    Today’s playgrounds and recreational areas are built with safety in mind. Outside of the equipment, however, much attention must be paid to the amenities located around these areas as well. Posts, columns, trash receptacles, planters and other site additions must also be taken into account when assessing the overall safety of the recreational area.

    Such was the case on one of our more recent projects in New York City. Once again, we enlisted the aid of our esteemed colleagues at Tri-State Padding in New York and together, designed a comprehensive safety padding solution for GW Carver Park.

    This challenging project was part of some minor upgrades at the established park, which was designed using a number of brick sculptures, benches, flower boxes and planters. With a number of children running around, it soon become apparent that despite being aesthetically pleasing, these exposed brick planters were in need of a safety reassessment.

    Without completely removing the planters, which supplied fantastic foliage during the spring, summer and fall months, officials were interested in a highly customized padding solution to mitigate the risk of injury to children.

    Working closely with our partners in New York, together we were able to craft a truly unique solution to this problem after a number of different designs were proposed.

    What eventually was installed is a complete padding solution that encompassed the entire planters with our industry-leading safety padding. Today the park continues to bring New York City children much joy, while ensuring their safety.


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