Don't Waste Time Chasing Stray Balls - SSCI Sports Barrier Netting

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Mar 25, 2014 6:09:00 AM

    Golf Course Netting

    Outdoor sports are back, and it’s almost time to take to the fields for tryouts and training. It’s been so long since we’ve enjoyed grass-stained uniforms and oddly-shaped tan lines, but it’s just about that time again! With the promise of warmer weather, players and field crews alike are busy preparing for 2014 spring sports season.

    While athletes are working on ball skills and conditioning, sports facility managers are taking care to prepare the turf for the first day of practice. There is much to be done to ready the grounds, from field maintenance to equipment setup. Aside from freshly painted lines on the field and sturdy goals and uprights, no field is complete without backstop netting.


    Soccer Barriers

    When it comes to soccer games, every second counts. After every goal, during every substitution, while setting up for free-kicks and throw-ins, you can bet that clock will be running. Cut back on stoppage time with netting barriers specially made for keeping the soccer ball on the pitch. Measuring in at 20’ high and 65’ long, the dimensions are perfect for catching those high and wide shots before they stray into the next field over.


    Multi-Sport Netting

    For smaller balls, you’ll need complete netting barriers of a smaller mesh size. Made specifically for the rocket shots of lacrosse and field hockey players, 1 ¾” mesh netting is the right tool for the job. These sport projectiles fly far and fast; chasing them can be a major inconvenience, wasting practice time as well as game time. Don’t let runaway game balls interrupt a fast-paced match!

    UV- treated nylon backstop barriers and golf course netting from Sport Systems Canada are proven to withstand 80 mile-per-hour winds, making them the perfect solution for outdoor sporting applications. Don’t waste any more time chasing the ball; catch it before it can roll any farther than 25 feet away!

    Whether it’s practice time or game day, you’ll have loads of extra time to play when you no longer have to run after out-of-bounds balls. Imagine the improvement your team will see without all that lost time.

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