Exploring Alternative Netting Applications

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 26, 2017 4:02:00 AM


    Generally speaking, we all have some sort of an idea as to what constitutes sports barrier netting.  As a large portion of our business, custom netting solutions for sports applications are vital for the safety and well-being of both participants and spectators.

    Coming in all shapes and sizes, our netting barriers can be found in parks, athletic facilities and sports fields across Canada and the United States.  Ranging from portable or permanent barrier netting solutions surrounding soccer pitches and baseball diamonds, to lining golf fairways and driving ranges, our netting solutions span across a wide variety of uses.

    Aside from its most conventional use, there are a surprisingly large number of other applications our custom netting department is tasked with each and every year.  Here are a few netting applications we can design that you may not have thought about.

    Fencing & Crowd Control

    Used at concerts, fairs, and other large events, many facilities opt for specialized fencing for special events to aid with crowd control.  Utilizing netting through passageways and over fencing is a common application and one that proves to keep folks out of places where they don’t belong.


    Depending on how dense the netting is, some of these solutions can be used as a marketing tool when paired with screen printing techniques.  In addition to keeping things under control, they have the unique ability to spread a message or be sold as advertising space.

    Alternative Sports Facilities

    As we stated, most of us will immediately turn to sports such as hockey, baseball, and soccer when we think of sports barrier netting.  One industry that is under extreme growth, however, is the alternative sports world.  With sports such as pickleball, paintball and archery tag exploding across North America, these specialized indoor and outdoor facilities require a specialized netting application.


    Debris Control

    Combining a dense netting design with an existing chain link or similar fence is a great way to control the spread of debris or garbage from large events.  With various-sized holes, chain link fences can often let garbage and other windblown debris escape, making more of a clean-up effort than necessary.  The combination of fencing and netting can be an easy way to contain debris from large events and can certainly make tidying up much more efficient.



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