Fire-Rated Safety Padding for Another Ontario High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 19, 2023 6:19:44 AM


    As the need for highly-specialized padded rooms continues to grow, so too does our custom padding department. Working once again with our partners at King Carpentry - with whom we’ve done many of these rooms - our latest project brought us to the picturesque St. Lawrence Seaway.

    A call was placed from a high school in the area who saw our work in a neighbouring school and was looking to replicate the work. With a growing number of students in need of a safe and calming space to facilitate de-escalation and relaxation we were once again called to design and install a fire-rated safe room.

    Working closely with key stakeholders from the school, our team organized an on-site visit to assess the available space and to take the necessary measurements. After gathering all of the details, we returned to our padding department where our team promptly provided detailed shop drawings for approval.


    As with each of these rooms, attention to detail is crucial and is something our team does not take lightly. And it shows in our work.

    Each custom cut-out, corner and doorway must be accounted for and accounted for properly to ensure not only accuracy in coverage, but also to provide the safest environment possible for the end user.


    Following the approval process, the padding was shipped directly to the school and was met by the team at King Carpentry, who was eagerly waiting to perform another seamless installation. Following a day or two on-site, the padding was installed perfectly and professionally.

    The end result is a safe and quiet space for the students at the school here in Ontario.

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