Four-Tier Bleachers & Player’s Benches for a Private California Residence

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 16, 2018 4:00:00 AM


    Leading us across the expanse of the United States, one of our latest projects once again landed us in sunny California.

    After completing work with Columbia College in Sonora, we were also contacted by an individual who had come across our products while searching online.  Browsing across multiple sites and suppliers, we were eventually directly contacted by the client who mentioned they were impressed with the quality of our products. While admitting that we were not necessarily the cheapest product on the market, we did, in their opinion, seem to have the highest-quality products.


    After picking up the phone and conversing with one of our experienced sales professionals, the decision was instantly easier. Striking an immediate rapport with our team, the client placed an order right then and there.

    Looking to outfit their customized backyard, which features a “mini” football field, with adequate seating for both players and spectators, two banks of our four-tier bleachers and a pair of player’s benches were selected.


    The products were manufactured to the highest level of safety, which was a major selling point for the client and were directly delivered to their home in California. Today they line the sidelines of this home-based athletic field where players can grab a restful seat in between plays while family and friends look on from the aluminum bleachers.

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