GameDay GraFX Soars in North Dakota

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 6, 2023 3:30:00 AM


    We’ve got a knack for making things stick, especially when it comes to our GameDay GraFX logo product. Digitally adhering logos and other graphics to HDPE bleacher seats, our process leads the industry in quality and durability. Since launching this game-changing product, we’ve worked with schools and institutions across Canada and the United States to boost school spirit with crystal-clear logos on their indoor bleachers.

    A recent opportunity to showcase our excellence in graphics brought our team to beautiful southeastern North Dakota. Located in Enderlin, ND, Enderlin Area High School services students from across the region and has an impressive athletic program considering its small-town roots.

    Serving as home of the Eagles, Enderlin High School dares students to soar above the rest in athletics, academics and character development. Working with our partners at Royal Stewart, we were brought in to an impressive telescopic bleacher project when printed logos came up in conversation. With the proof of our previous successful projects on display  at neighbouring schools, our GameDay GraFX solution quickly became the top contender for consideration.


    Our internal design team took the product specifications of the proposed bleachers and superimposed the logo across the seating. Providing an in-depth look as to how the final product would look in the school’s gymnasium, key stakeholders from the school were immediately impressed.

    Working in tandem with our installation partners at Revered Builders of North Dakota, the seats were shipped to our plant to perform the digital process of adhering the logo to the seats. Using sophisticated software and technicians, our team carefully completed each and every one of these jobs on a seat-by-seat basis. This process ensures not only the highest quality in the finished product, but one that ensures it will last the lifetime of the bleacher system - which in the case of our telescopic bleachers - is a long time!


    Following the printing process, the seats were shipped and met by the install team in North Dakota where they were quickly affixed to the bleacher structure. The finished product is impressive to say the least. With key stakeholders claiming how vivid the colours are, we knew we hit another one out of the park.

    Today, the Eagles can soar a little higher as students file into the new bleacher seats adorned with team colours and Eagle pride.


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