Golf Swings Are Almost In Season!

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 12, 2014 9:00:00 AM

    fence2jpg-6569f9c21385a54fWith North American groundhogs recently predicting a longer winter season than we had hoped, even the idea of a mere six weeks, gives us all hope that we will soon be swinging the sticks.

    Golf courses and facilities can certainly expect a quick start to the season when this long, treacherous and record breaking winter season comes to an end.  In addition to the spring thaw revealing the condition of fairways and greens, it is also an opportune time to get out and review other aspects of your golf course and facility that Jack Frost may have affected.

    With high winds, ice and snow storms, the winter can often leave your beautiful course in disarray come spring. Making it not only important to check up on fallen trees and debris around the course, but to ensure any golf equipment left to the elements is still in good working order.

    Golf Course Netting used at golf courses and facilities is often an area that should be checked up on when spring rolls around. Often damage caused by fallen trees and high winds can leave your netting barriers in need of maintenance and possibly even replacement, depending on the extent of damage.

    Here are a few tips to ensure that the golf course netting around parking lots, driving ranges, golf cages and other safety minded areas of your golf course or facility are in good working order for your upcoming season:

    • Check for damage caused by wind, trees and debris to netting
    • Check poles, ensuring they are still pointed upwards at a 90 degree angle and have a solid footing in the ground
    • Check net borders and ensure the netting is still safely and properly attached to your cabling infrastructure



    The spring is an exciting time for the golf industry as a whole, as most of North America emerges from the winter hungry to be back outdoors. While most golf courses and facilities are often busy with the usual spring duties like turf maintenance and working diligently to get up and running. It is equally important to get out and do your routine checks on any other golf equipment like golf course netting to ensure a safe and happy golf season.




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